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For a very fun-loving approach towards throwing a party, Aarya Grand's ‘Pool Side Plot’ can accommodate over 500 people making it your ideal party location.

Swimming Pool Rules

Time: 7am To 10am and 4pm To 7pm

  • Swimming costume is mandatory to enter into the swimming pool.
  • For hygiene reasons, all people are requested to take a shower before using the swimming pool facility.
  • Individuals who cannot swim are only allowed in the shallow end.
  • Person suffering from any disease are not permitted to use the swimming pool.
  • Please obey the lifeguard instructions at the pool premises.
  • Entering the pool is prohibited in the absence of coach or lifeguard.
  • In case of loss of any valuables, management or staff cannot be held liable for the loss.
  • Guests shall swim at their own risk and the Hotel will not be responsible for any injuries while using the facilities.
  • In case of violation of the rules; it will be considered a punishable offense or may also result in the patron being asked to leave.
  • The rules and regulations or timings of the pool are subject to change anytime without notice.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol/drugs are not allowed to use the pool.
  • Children under 4 Ft are not allowed to enter the swimming pool. Even parents are requested not to enter the pool with small children who cannot swim.